How is Structural Integration Different?

Many people will come in complaining of low back pain and when we get to the work they are surprised that we don’t specifically focus on that area.  This is because the whole body is connected.  It is very likely that where your pain is, is not where the actual problem is.  You can have pain in your neck that is caused by your arches in your feet being flat.  You can have pain in your feet caused by your sciatic nerve being pinched in your low back.  The body is like a giant spider web.  If you touch one spot of the web the whole web moves.  The same goes for our bodies.  So it is very important that we systematically treat the whole structure and not just a few spots.  It needs to be worked from top to bottom, front to back, inside to outside if we are ever to truly balance and create a free moving and pain free body.

There are many things that set Structural Integration apart from other types of body work. Working in a systematic way is another big one.  Let’s say you are going to build a house.  Where are you going to start first; the foundation or the roof?  Even small children without being taught this concept know you have to start at the foundation.  Another good example is with cooking.  You take two people and give then the same dish to make.  One person follows the directions to the letter, adding the right ingredients at the right time and right sequence.  The second person just throws it all together.  Which dish will turn out better? The first person’s will, right?  Well the same goes for the body.  It has to be worked in a certain order to obtain the best results.  This is what we are talking about when we say working in a systematic way.